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How Foreign Aid Is Helping Ukraine

How Foreign Aid Is Helping UkraineUkraine has been suffering since Feb. 24, 2022, due to Vladimir Putin’s attack. Despite the ongoing conflict, it can be seen how foreign aid is helping Ukraine, with record-breaking support from all over the world.

Humanitarian Aid

There was a 13.1% increase in Official Development Assistance (ODA) following the Ukraine attack, as developed countries began offering aid. It is one of the biggest increases ever in ODA. That’s a total of $16.1 billion in comparison to 2021’s $918 million. Humanitarian aid has been donated in many ways from many countries, an example of which can be admired through the organisation British Ukrainian Aid.

British Ukrainian Aid is a grassroots charity that sees 100% of its donations go towards supplying essential equipment and support to “emergency and relief operations” in Ukraine. All employees are volunteers who surrender their free time to the projects of British Ukrainian Aid. A £100 donation will purchase a First Aid Kit, while £8,000 buys an ambulance. Donations can be put towards other pieces of equipment including tourniquets, portable generators, and ready-heat blankets (with temperatures dropping below freezing, cold weather equipment is growing more critical). So far, the charity has inspired enough donations to provide Ukraine with 26,086 First Aid Kits, 108 ambulances, 26,583 tourniquets, 11 portable generators and 1,038 ready-heat blankets.

Military Support

The United States has donated $46.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine since February 2022, making it the country that has pledged the most military aid to Ukraine. The United Kingdom comes in second with £5.1 billion, however, both donations amount to approximately 0.2% of each country’s Global Domestic Product (GDP). Relatively, it can be argued that Ukraine’s neighbours, though smaller in size and sum, have provided more military assistance. Estonia donated 1.1% of its GDP and Latvia 0.9% of its GDP.  An example of how these countries are offering their aid can be conveyed through a training programme created by the UK: Operation Interflex.

Operation Interflex provides a five-week training course for Ukrainian military personnel at a secret location in England. The goal is to equip 30,000 Ukrainian soldiers with the basics of British infantry skills. So far, around 7,400 have undergone training, with another 1,900 currently in the midst of it. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced on Nov. 9, 2022 that returning Ukrainian soldiers would be provided with the following:

–        Extreme cold weather kits and clothing

–        Heavy duty sleeping bags

–        Insulated tents

–        Combat clothing, body armour and ear defence

–        First aid kits

Shelter To Ukrainians

Since the war began, thousands of Ukrainians have fled into the welcoming arms of developed countries. Italy has taken in over 100,000 refugees, finding space through the sufficient strategy of “seizing over 40,000 properties from the Mafia, as part of their anti-corruption campaign.” Alice Parma, mayor of Santarcangelo, shares her belief that providing shelter for refugees in such houses would redeem their violent history. She stated, “By giving them social value, we are also helping resolve darker elements of our town’s past.”

The top three countries housing the most refugees are:

–        Poland: 2,451,342

–        Romania: 643,058

–        Republic of Moldova: 394,740

Russian Anti-War Committee

Ask the majority of Russians and they would disagree with the statement they are at war with Ukraine. It is their belief that the attack on Ukraine is Vladimir Putin’s alone. In opposition to the war started by Putin, the Russian Anti-War Committee was formed. The committee primarily shows their support for Ukraine through continuous protests against their president. Recently, tens of thousands of Russians took part in a protest on February 2023. The Russian Anti-War Committee website states, “It was not the Russians who started this war, but a mad dictator. But it is our civic duty to do everything we can to stop it.”


As Ukraine continues to suffer under Vladimir Putin’s attack, it is comforting to acknowledge how foreign aid is helping Ukraine. Aid from around the world was quick to kick into action. The only hope now is that it continues to grow.

– Jenny Boxall
Photo: Flickr