GHW: Improving Health Care in Ghana

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The Global Health Watch Report (GHW), a report focused on monitoring and evaluating global health, launched in Accra, Ghana late last month.

This year’s report, the fourth edition, was launched with the theme: “Watchdogging an Essential Element to Ensuring the Right to Health.”

The purpose of GHW is to create a voice in favor of alternative dialogue when it comes to global health. The report combines analysis, alternative proposals and stories of those struggling to obtain sufficient levels of health care.

The launch of the report comes at a time when health care in Ghana remains underfunded and health officials are fighting for justice and equality for health care.

The government of Ghana is still dealing with issues such as poor sanitation and open defecation, which it spends $290 million and $79 million on, respectively, each year. Additionally, the delivery of health care sees an annual cost of $54 million.

By improving sanitation and hygiene, Ghana can help decrease the burden it sees from the spread of disease. Health officials are also calling for funds to assist with promoting and sustaining behavior changes in regards to sanitation and hygiene practices in local areas.

When it comes to the delivery of health care, health officials are calling for joint efforts to make sure citizens have universal access to sexual and reproductive health. They also want to see improved and equal distribution of resources for such care.

Eighty experts from around the world made contributions to the report, which also addresses issues seen in health systems and looks at how social, political, economic and environmental factors play a role in health care.

Matt Wotus

Sources: AllAfrica, Global Health Watch
Photo: Flickr