Giving Aid Through Chickenjoy

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In response to the ravaged regions of Typhoon Haiyan, Jollibee, the flagship Filipino fast food chain of Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC), donates towards relief efforts.

Initially established in 1975 as an ice cream parlor, Jollibee is now among the largest fast food chains in the Philippines, known for their trademark fried chicken meal “Chickenjoy.” Included in the JFC conglomerate are national fast food chains Greenwhich pizza, Chinese-themed Chowking, chicken-based Mang Inasal and Philippine Burger King.

With numerous sites in North America, Jollibee is an ever-expanding franchise with sites in Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Vietnam and Hong Kong.  Currently there are 2,761 stores worldwide. Future sites aim towards Indonesia and Canada.

Jollibee is one of the largest employers in the Philippines, and through its Jollibee Foundation, is known for its philanthropic measures.

In 2009, the Jollibee Franchises Association donated roughly $400,000 (USD) to programs and projects.  The beneficiaries were able to care for the welfare of underprivileged children throughout the Philippines via eight separate children’s organizations.

JFC’s Food Aid program deployed mobile soup kitchens to over 9,000 individuals in the Visayan region of the Philippines, the focal point of the storm. Additionally, 12,800 relief packs and 5,700 hot meals were distributed. These packs included an estimated 600 sacks of rice, bottled water, canned goods and instant noodles.

Along with coin banks in local Jollibee stores nationwide, JFC raised over $900,000 (USD) in combination with donations and donors.

Through further initiatives, JFC plans to aid farmers’ lives, reconstruct local schools and support local youth through scholarships.

As a large conglomerate, all hands are on deck in order to assist amidst one of the largest typhoons recorded in Southeast Asia. The Jollibee Foods Corporation is doing their part via the way they know best: food.

Miles Abadilla

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