• Luke Repetti, Regional Director (Wisconsin): Luke hosted an extremely successful “Backyard BBQ”, where he was able to mobilize 20 people to contact their congressional leaders, and raised over $800 in donations!
  • Nicole Waers, Political Affairs Intern (Ohio): Nicole hosted a Zumba class on her campus, where a minimum of $3 donation was required to participate.  Everyone had a blast and she was able to raise over $100!
  • Mohamed Abdirahman, Regional Director (Maine): Mohamed hosted a “No Jeans Day” at a law office he was interning at, and was able to raise over $200 towards his fundraising campaign!
  • Nour Dib, Regional Director (New York): Nour was able to raise over $875 by participating in The Borgen Project’s ugly sweater holiday fundraising campaign!
  • Jessica Melton, Regional Director (Louisiana): Jessica graciously donated her wedding to The Borgen Project, raising over $300! She encouraged guest to donate instead of buying gifts.
  • Mark McNally, Advocate (Pennsylvania): Mark has individually taken on the $1,537 challenge, and so far has donated over $600!