The Borgen Project is committed to transparency regarding financial monitoring and reporting. Our monitoring and reporting process involves the following individuals and agencies.

  • Outside Accountant #1: The Borgen Project’s bookkeeping and financial tracking is managed by an outside Accountant (not a staff member).
  • Outside Accountant #2: An accounting firm, separate from the Accountant who handles the day-to-day financials, reviews, compiling and filing The Borgen Project’s annual report to the IRS (Form 990).
  • IRS: As with all nonprofits organizations, The Borgen Project reports annually to the IRS.
  • Secretary of State: As an organization based in the state of Washington, The Borgen Project also submits financial information annually to Washington’s Secretary of State for review.
  • Board of Directors: The Board of Directors also reviews financial information at every Board Meeting.
  • President: The President of The Borgen Project monitors all of the organization’s spending and reviews bank statements. The organization also utilizes software that provides real-time data on spending and gives detailed reports.