Borgen Project FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about The Borgen Project. Please contact us directly if you have any questions ([email protected] or 253-433-7118).


  • How old is The Borgen Project? The Borgen Project was launched 18-years ago in 2003.
  • Where is The Borgen Project located? The Borgen Project is headquartered in Tacoma, WA. The office address is 708 Broadway Suite 201, Tacoma, WA 98402. If you’d like to schedule a tour of the office please call 253-433-7118.
  • How can I volunteer with The Borgen Project? You can view openings and apply directly on The Borgen Project’s website. Most volunteer positions offered are done remotely.
  • How does The Borgen Project pass poverty-reduction bills? The Borgen Project meets directly with members of Congress. The organization also mobilizes thousands of people across the country to reach out to their Congressional leaders in support of those bills. Read more about The Borgen Project’s methodology.
  • How many employees does The Borgen Project have? Including part-time and contract workers, there are usually 18-20 people working for The Borgen Project.