Healthcare Helps Common Diseases in Turkey

Common Diseases in TurkeyTurkey has a population of just over 78 million people. The country has a very complex healthcare system, offering many different plans and systems. The common diseases in Turkey are similar to those in the rest of the world.

The healthcare system in place in Turkey, although complex, is one of the world’s best, with high-quality doctors and the latest technology available to bring the highest-quality care to individuals. This leads to higher life expectancy for both males and females, with men living to be about 76 and females living to be just over 82 years old. Both are well over the worldwide average.

Turkey’s public facilities consist of government-run hospitals associated with universities to bring the highest quality of care. However, the state-run hospitals are lagging behind the private sector and have shortages of personnel and equipment.

One of the most common diseases in Turkey is heart disease. However, many forms of heart disease have diminished in severity and occurrence over the past decade. Ischemic heart disease has dropped almost 15 percent over the last decade. The new technology that is becoming more widely available in Turkey is working to decrease the most common diseases in Turkey, and the rates of many of these diseases have decreased in the past decade.

Another common disease in Turkey is Alzheimer’s disease. This is a deadly disease that has impacted millions around the world. It is also on the rise in Turkey, with its rate of occurrence jumping up nearly 10 percent over the past decade. In 2012, it was estimated that 331,512 people were living with dementia in Turkey. This represented 0.44 percent of the population of Turkey.

Alzheimer’s disease mostly impacts people who are 75 and older, with the highest rates of occurrence in those that are 80 to 94 years old. However, it is estimated that half of the people with dementia have not been diagnosed. It is imperative that Turkey works to create opportunities for new methods of diagnosis and treatment for the disease. Over the past decade, awareness of Alzheimer’s has increased drastically, and thus more people are paying attention and attempting to help find treatment and a cure.

The common diseases in Turkey are much like the rest of the world, but Turkey is more fortunate than many to have great healthcare for most of the people in the nation. There is still work to be done to research these diseases and find strategies to help those hospitals that are less fortunate than others.

Brendin Axtman

Photo: Flickr