The Alliance to End Hunger operates on the belief that it takes the collaborative work of every part of society to effectively end hunger. It has grown to a network of 85 organizations from the private, public, educational, non-profit, and health sectors of society. Founded in 2004, the Alliance uses its diverse network of organizations to raise awareness and effect change in over 49 countries worldwide.

The Alliance to End Hunger focuses its resources on 4 key initiatives:
1.Foster Strategic Partnerships: Building relationships between the different member organizations of the Alliance helps expand its reach and improve information sharing.
2. Building Political Commitment: Encouraging political leaders to take a stand against hunger makes it a public issue and increases awareness and advocacy efforts.
3. Hunger Free Communities Initiative: This initiative brings the fight to end hunger to the community. By educating communities about hunger at the local level and helping them start programs to alleviate hunger each individual becomes involved in the battle.
4. The National Alliance Partnership Program: This program focuses on branches of the Alliance in Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda and provides assistance to build infrastructure and make the fight against hunger more effective.

Recent examples of the work the Alliance to End Hunger does to raise awareness and battle hunger can be seen in Afghanistan and Mali. In Afghanistan, Nutrition & Education International, a member of the Alliance to End Hunger, has introduced the soybean as a crop to help battle food shortages. The organization has helped to establish a sustainable soybean farming industry in Afghanistan and has now worked with thousands of farmers across the entire country providing farming education and supplies.

In Mali, International Relief & Development, also an Alliance member organization, works to improve the productivity of farming, increase access to funding and improved technology, and provide education that will improve farmers ability to market their product. The program primarily focuses on small family farms and female farmers as well as small cooperatives.

The Alliance to End Hunger continues to grow with the addition of new members and actively participate in conferences and forums on ending hunger worldwide. In October of this year The Alliance will be a participant at the Norman E. Borlaug International Symposium alongside world political leaders and distinguished academics. The conference will have a segment focusing on building partnerships, which is a key aspect of the Alliance to End Hunger’s mission. The Alliance feels that it is imperative that collaboration continue to build if an effective end to hunger is to be reached.

– Zoë Meroney 
Sources: Alliance to End HungerInternational Relief and Development
Photo: Exprima Media