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This article presents simple and effective ways to join the global movement and fight poverty.


10 Effective Strategies to Fight Poverty


1. Become aware

The first step in conquering any problem is acknowledging that there is one. Awareness can start with simple things like watching and reading the news, or even taking five minutes out of your day just to call your local nonprofits and shelters and find out what is going on right now, and what efforts are being put forth to assist the world’s poor.

2. Generate Awareness

It’s not enough just to become aware yourself of the current happenings in global poverty. In order to make an impact, you have to make others aware, as well. Educate and inform people of the cause—and then tell them what they can do to help.

3. Form a plan of action

Now that you know that people are suffering, figure out what you can do to help them. Set your own goals and form a plan of action as to how you can go about executing these goals. Let this plan incorporate the assistance of other people and think in forms of both long and short-term results.

4. Make the calls and write the e-mails

Begin executing your plan of action by calling and e-mailing individuals and officials who can help make a difference. Good starting places for this might include church, nonprofit, and community and governmental administrators.

5. Donate

Find specific organizations that work to fight poverty and donate. Whether it’s a small amount or a giant lump sum—anything helps. Government money given to global poverty aid is next to none, and these nonprofits need all funding they can get.

6. Fundraise

Maybe you want to help the cause but just don’t have anything to spare? In that case, make a fundraising plan. Host activities, write letters, or even raise donations specifically for global poverty resolution.

7.  Make use of already available aide products

Check your credit card companies to see if any options are available where a portion of money is donated to a helpful organization. Also make yourself aware of any website or stores that donate portions of their revenue to nonprofits. (Ebay and Amazon are great places to start.)

8. Contact the media

Write letters to the editor of a news publication, call a local radio station, e-mail news broadcasters. Get this important information circulating in the media. The bigger we publicize the issue, the more likely people will make an effort to right the wrongs.

9. Divert your spending

Catch yourself when you’re about to make an unnecessary or wasteful purchase. Instead of spending that money, donate it to the cause.

10. Volunteer

Finally, get involved in the most efficient way possible—volunteer your time and energy to something that matters, something that helps. Whether it’s something as simple as serving food at a shelter or something as elaborate as traveling overseas as a missionary, this is the best way to help most directly those in need.

Meagan Hurley
Sources: The Nation, Borgen, Oxfam, Huffington Post
Photo: Wikimedia