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Top 10 U.S. Charitable Foundations

Charitable foundations give numerous amounts of money every year to help people in need. Thousands of them exist in the world. Here are the top ten that give the most.

1. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

We have all heard of the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. His foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, gives over $3 billion for global development and health programs, as well as U.S. programs.

2. Lilly Cares Foundation

The Lilly Cares Foundation gives over $600 million to help needy U.S. patients receive medical prescriptions.

3. GlaxoSmithKline Patient Access Programs Foundation

Over $600 million through the Glaxo Smith and Kline Foundation is used for health and education programs.

4. Abbot Patient Assistance

The Abbot Patient Assistance Foundation provides nearly $600 million toward helping uninsured individual’s access prescription medicines.

5. Pfizer Patient Assistance Foundation, INC.

The Pfizer Foundation gives over $575 million to assist low income individuals and families with prescription costs.

6. Genentech Access To Care Foundation

Genentech gives over $575 million to helping patients access to low cost or free Genentech medicines and care.

7. Sanofi Foundation for North America

The Sanofi Foundation gives nearly $500 million to reduce healthcare inequalities and provide free prescription drugs to families.

8. Johnson and Johnson Patient Assistance Foundation, Inc.

The Johnson Foundation gives nearly $500 million to allow low income families gain access to medical assistance.

9. Walton Family Foundation, Inc.

The Walton Foundation gives over $480 million for education reform, water conservation, and quality of life initiatives.

10. Ford Foundation

This foundation was created by Ford company founder Henry Ford and Edsel Ford. It gives nearly $480 million to help fight poverty.

Everyone can help in the fight against global poverty. Donating to your favorite charity is one way; contacting your local congressmen will also help. Let them know that you want more global poverty bills introduced and aid to be set aside for impoverished nations.

– Amy Robinson

Sources: Foundation Center, Fund for NGOs
Photo: Deviant Art