Build Buzz for the Cause

Good things happen when you’re talking about an issue. Tell friends, family and anyone who will listen that it’s time the U.S. do more to fight global poverty.


Tips for Creating Word-of-Mouth

1. What have you found interesting about The Borgen Project and the issues? Share that!
2. Talk with passion and excitement. We pre-judge how important something is based on the enthusiasm of those sharing it (ie. “You’re not going to believe what I just read.”).
3. Relate information you share to the news and trendy topics.


The Power of Word-of-Mouth
Did you know that companies spend billions of dollars trying to get you talking about their product? Search the web for “word-of-mouth” or “online buzz” and you’ll be amazed by the industry that has sprung up to help companies get people talking about their products.




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