The goal of nonprofit group United Cerebral Palsy is to provide a “life without limits” for people with disabilities. By working with its 100 affiliates, the organization is able to help people all over the world become more independent productive citizens. Founded in 1949 by a group of parents of children with cerebral palsy, United Cerebral Palsy evolved into an organization devoted to anyone with a disability.

United Cerebral Palsy does not focus on how a person acquired a disability; rather, they will reach out to all types of people, whether the disability is due to aging, accident or the person was born with an ailment. Some of the disabilities the group works with are cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorders, physical disabilities, and traumatic brain injury (TBI).

This organization is proud to claim affiliation with about 100 groups in its quest to aid the disabled. These affiliates are vital to the cause and provide services such as housing, therapy, assistive technology training, early intervention programs, individual and family support, social and recreation programs, community living, state and local referrals, as well as employment assistance and advocacy. Without the help of its affiliates, United Cerebral Palsy’s outreach would be severely limited.

By focusing on the future, United Cerebral Palsy will impact even more lives. The organization teams up with other groups to develop new technologies and methods for improving the lives of those with disabilities. For example, United Cerebral Palsy is working to ensure that children unable to use their vocal cords can still communicate with innovate new voice technology.

Another resource United Cerebral Palsy provides is just as important as new technology. The group acts as a support group for friends and family of people with disability and offers forums for people to discuss and ask questions about a disability affecting his or her family. United Cerebral Palsy has a branch in each state and affiliates around the world as no one with a disability need go without the independence and wellbeing that he or she deserves.

Mary Penn

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Photo: United Cerebral Palsy Cleveland