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Twittersphere: International Women’s Day

The month of March, along with the end of winter, is a time to reflect and appreciate all the women in our lives and throughout the world. Women’s History Month began in 1987 after the National Women’s History Project petitioned Congress and it has been reauthorized or designated every year since.

It is critical to recognize the importance of women throughout the world. They are the keystone to every healthy family, often taking on both the roles of mother and caregiver while also contributing to the household income base. They are teachers, CEOs, mothers, sisters, aunts, military personnel, athletes and just about every other job under the sun.

March 8 was International Women’s Day and people from all over the globe took to Twitter to voice their support and raise awareness for women’s issues. Here are some of the top tweets:

@OneCampaign: Happy International Women’s Day! Find out why women are the secret weapon in ending poverty http://ow.ly/iyrZ5

@Oxfam: Women perform 66 (percent) of the work, produce 50 (percent) of the food, but earn only 10 (percent) of the income & own 1 (percent) of the property #IWD pic.twitter.com/r9M4ShlUjf

@stephRWolf: International Women’s Day 2014: What kind of world do YOU want to build? http://cnn.it/1jZBHvy via @cnni #CNNwomen

@JuxDotCom: Happy International Women’s Day from Jux. Because without women who would we be, what would we become, when would we eat, why would we live?

@PREVNet: Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s reflect on how we treat the girls & women in our lives. Are we acting with kindness? We can do better

@YWCA_Canada: Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s celebrate how far we’ve come, but advocate for women’s rights every day. #IWD pic.twitter.com/aEnthxbs8K

@NadhieraYoung: Happy International Women’s Day! Be yourself, bcs you are already beautiful just the way you are :)

@AJLucaci: “There is only one known cure for poverty, known colloquially as ‘The Empowerment of Women'” Happy International Women’s Day, everyone!

@kassiehernandez: Happy International Women’s Day, Ladies! Let’s continue empowering women and eliminate gender inequality http://3bl.me/kde948 #IWD

@ECA_AS: Meet the 10 extraordinary recipients of the 2014 Int’l Women of Courage Awards: http://owl.li/ucTfL #IWOC #IWD

Studies have shown that women are vital to the health of a society. Increases in women’s education help the entire family make better choices and lead healthier lives. We cannot thank them enough for all that they give and we as a society must stay vigilant of the continued struggle women face throughout the world.

– Sunny Bhatt

Sources: Twitter, Women History Month
Photo: Presse Box