Three Underrated Global Health Organizations

global health organizationsThere are many global health organizations that are widely recognized for the work they do around the world. These include organizations such as the Center for Disease Control, the World Health Organization, the United States Agency for International Development and PATH.

There are also organizations around the world who have done a lot for the health community that are not talked about as much. Here are some organizations that have made differences in local and global communities also and deserve to be recognized:

1. Pakistan Children Heart Foundation (PCHF)
The PCHF is an organization that focuses on providing heart surgeries to children born with congenital heart defect. Every year, approximately 50,000 infants are born with congenital heart defect in Pakistan. Because of a lack of a specialized children’s heart hospitals in Pakistan, PCHF works to build a research clinic as well as establish funds for children in need. Thus far, PCHF has provided 819 surgeries.

2. HealthRight Foundation
HealthRight is an organization whose goal is to provide healthcare to marginalized communities because, as their slogan states, “Health is a Human Right.” HealthRight uses global resources and works with local partners to address local health needs. HealthRight works with women and children, migrants and at-risk youth. All of these people face health discrimination, whether it involves lack of access to healthcare or lack of means to access healthcare. HealthRight works to provide healthcare for these underrepresented groups.

3. Population Services International (PSI)
PSI is an organization that focuses on promoting healthy behavior and making healthcare products more affordable. PSI originated in 1970, with a focus on reproductive health. Since then, it has expanded to helping over 50 countries with solutions to malaria, HIV, family planning, sanitation, pneumonia and diarrhea. PSI works with local governments and organizations in order to make health solutions. PSI also uses marketing strategies and analysis to keep health products affordable.

Helping impoverished people around the world have better access to healthcare is not a feat that should be ignored. These three global health organizations have made and continue to make positive changes in the world and provide hope for the future of healthcare around the globe.

Rebekah Covey

Photo: Flickr