How to Start a Nonprofit Foundation

History has shown that nonprofit organizations often arise out of the passion of young adults. Clint Borgen, for instance, began The Borgen Project as a sophomore in college. So what does it exactly take to start your own nonprofit organization?

1. A Cause

Having a passion for a global issue sparks the fuse to do something. The cause can spark from war, from pictures, from personal experience and in so many other ways. It all starts with an action or occurrence that leaves an impact on others, an impact strong enough to want to make a difference.

2. Gathering the Right Materials/Volunteers

Find volunteers who are as passionate about the cause as you are. Volunteers are what make the organization grow. They are the ones who push the idea far enough to make a difference. A committed volunteer will do wonders for the cause and those volunteers will help your nonprofit organization grow. With volunteers comes technology. You need the right apps, software, materials to keep everyone connected. Communication between all members is extremely crucial! Being aware of what others are doing and how everyone is contributing to the cause is an important attribute to the organization. Keeping everyone up-to-date with how things are done within the group and what everyone’s role is keeps every volunteer in the loop.


As Katy Perry said, this is what we do! Let the world know what exactly you do. Be proud that you’re with an organization that supports a change in society. Spread the word and spread the cause. The more you teach, the more will learn, and therefore the more of a difference will be made. Be innovative with what you have to offer. Creativity is a key factor in making a difference. There are many nonprofit organizations that stand up for a lot of great causes and are successful because they have original ways to show what they stand for. Also make sure to network. It’s all about who you know and how you can connect with them and make a difference.

The road will only get tougher when starting an organization that has so much meaning to you and others. However, it only takes one person to make that step into changing the world; soon enough, others will want to join in the march to a difference. If the cause is strong and your passion is stronger, you too can make a change for the better.

Monica Franco

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Photo: Arizona State University