6 Global Health Internships in Seattle

global health internshipsAs we wait for the last of leaves to fall there comes a rise of new opportunities for young people to get involved with issues that matter. In wake of midterm elections, it’s important to get a grasp on topics such as global health to know exactly where your candidates stand on the issue and what they are going to do about it.

These global health internships are not only an opportunity to learn, they’re also an opportunity for you to make change locally and reach globally. Here are six global health internships in Seattle to make these upcoming winter months feel better:

1. The Borgen Project

The Borgen Project works at the political level to bring greater attention to global health. View the organizations latest ops.

2. Washington Global Health Alliance

Since 2007, WGHA has activated every sector in the region to advance global health equity. WGHA makes an impact through mobilizing the dynamic global health sector, advocating and educating lawmakers about its vital role in our economy and cultivating global health leaders through innovative partnerships. These are the core objectives that make WGHA one of the world’s most dynamic centers for global health innovation.


3. Global Partnerships

GP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit impact investor that strives to pioneer and invest in sustainable solutions that help impoverished people earn a living. They are currently invested in 46 microfinance institutions, social businesses and cooperatives in Latin America and the Caribbean with a focus surrounding four impact areas: health services, rural livelihoods, green technology and micro-entrepreneurship. Across these impact areas, women comprise 77 percent of the people GP’s partners serve as they continue to empower women to improve their livelihoods.


4. Community Alliance for Global Justice

This grassroots, community-based organization calls for global justice everywhere, seeking to educate and mobilize individuals who want to strengthen local economies. The CAGJ consists of three programs: the Food Justice Project, AGRA Watch and Trade Justice. Here volunteers can harness their skills to transform unjust trade and agricultural policies imposed by corporations and to build solidarity across diverse movements that embody social justice and sustainability.

5. One By One

One by One is committed to restoring the health and dignity of women with obstetric fistula by helping to create safe conditions needed for women to give birth. In addition to providing preventative measures that lead to safe childbirth choices for families through education and advocacy, One by One partners with local organizations to develop community-based outreach efforts, surgical repair services and rehabilitation/training programs that allow women who have suffered with fistula to fully heal and to fully reintegrate back into their community.

6. Global Health Internship at the Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

This is a competitive internship that provides an opportunity for three highly qualified undergraduates to spend the summer working alongside some of the best scientists in the world. For a period of 10 weeks, interns will aid in specific research projects in their designated SBRI scientific program. Training with chemicals, biological materials and scientific equipment will be given prior to working in the laboratory. This internship is a great opportunity for students interested in biosciences as a career to get their foot in the door and to network with some of the best in the field. You must be an undergraduate junior or senior in the following academic school year to be eligible.

– Chelsee Yee

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Photo: Flickr