Quora is a popular question-and-answer website that has been described as “a more organized Yahoo Answers, a classier Reddit and an opinionated Wikipedia.”


Anyone on Quora can ask a question and respond to other Quora users. Naturally, interesting conversations arise so we would love to encourage Quora users to think more about global poverty and what they can do about it. 

What to Post

  1. Ask a question. Be the initiator of an interesting conversation by asking a relevant, thought-provoking question about a poverty-related issue.
  2. Answer a question. Come up with an informative answer to a question about poverty. You don’t know the answer yourself? Chances are we have information about the issue on our website.
  3. Correct factually wrong answers. Even though answers on Quoraespecially the ones with a lot of upvotestend to be of relatively good quality, there are, sometimes, a few that are just not right. So, if you find an incorrect answer, provide a more accurate answer and make sure to back it up with facts.

How to Post

Before posting, have a look around Quora to get a feel for what the tone is on this platform. When you are ready, go to Quora’s homepage and type in your question. There is no need for long explanations or background information. The process is very similar to posting on Facebook.

  • Type in your question.

  • Add/select topics that best describe your question.

  •  Optional: Request answers from specific Quora users. This gives your question more visibility and encourages active participation.

Some Tips

Join spaces or follow topics related to poverty reduction. When you post a question there, your question has a greater chance of being seen by users who are interested and will generate interesting answers. Also, it makes it easier for you to find questions and answers you can respond to as well.

Generally, it is always good to link to The Borgen Project, to drop the organization’s name or to use our resources to answer a question. This way, you spread the word in a very easy but effective way. Also, since search engines consider links as an endorsement, you help better position The Borgen Project in search results by linking to the website.

Getting Started

Do you already have an idea of what to post? Great! If not, no worriesgo check out some issues on the website or take a look at the examples below. If you need more inspiration, go to Quora and search for “poverty” or a similar topic.