Political Affairs Internship at The Borgen Project

Location: Telecommute within the US, Canada or UK

Hours: 12 hours per week

Salary: Unpaid

Duration: 12 weeks

Start Date: New programs begin every month, you choose the month you wish to start

Focus Areas: Educating, Mobilizing, Fundraising, Lobbying and Networking


  • Weekly Tracker
    • Political Affairs interns will fill out their weekly tracker and turn in the document by 5:00 PM PST every Friday.
    • The weekly tracker is a document that provides tasks related to The Borgen Project mission and its focus areas that need to be accomplished each week.

These goals are the expectations that each intern will be evaluated on and are expected to complete by the end of the internship program.


Met with Representative’s/MP’s Office** Met with 2 Senator’s Offices (if based in the US)** Talked to 3 classes about volunteer opportunities
Taught 50 people to call Congress/Government Gave 2 Presentations Raised $500/£400/$700 CAD
2 Bird-Dogs Mobilized 50 people to email Congress/Government Attend 4 Networking Events

**All US government meetings will be scheduled by The Borgen Project staff.**


To apply send your resume to [email protected]

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