Physicians For Peace
Physicians for Peace is a NGO whose main objective is to teach basic medical skills and deliver necessary resources to underserved regions of the world. Their goal is to provide a better and sustainable healthcare model.

Having education and collaboration as two of their main values, Physicians for Peace attempts to put the power to heal in the hands of the people. While physicians scatter to various regions, they do not aim to remain pillars of support in the society. Rather, they seek to teach the locals how to care for themselves and help the locals learn to teach others.

Physicians for Peace projects extend across the globe, reaching regions in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and the Americas where they believe they will be able to have the highest impact. Their established programs have taught people how to help burn victims, how to conduct various types of surgeries, how to prep a room to conduct each surgery, how to prevent blindness and enhance vision, how to help amputees and other disabled individuals learn to walk and move around on their own, and how to provide adequate care to mothers and children in order to optimize maternal health and appropriate child maturation.

As of early June 2014, the Physicians for Peace have been awarded two grants by the Major League Baseball Players Trust. The grants will be put towards their work in the Philippines, where two disability clinics will be established, primarily to provide care for those with physical disabilities and to help with Typhoon Haiyan recovery. The grants will also be used in the Dominican Republic to train people how to treat burn victims. A two-week long training camp is scheduled to take place at the United Ninos Quemados burn unit in Santiago, and those who attend will bring their skills back to their own hometowns.

– Jordyn Horowitz

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Photo: Physicians for Peace