Nonprofit Leadership Internship at The Borgen Project


Location: Telecommute

Hours: 12 per week

Duration: 12 weeks

Salary: Unpaid

Start Date: New programs begin every month, you choose the month you wish to start

Focus Areas: Stakeholder outreach/advocacy, public relations and marketing activities, recruitment and fundraising.


  • Weekly Tracker
    • Must be completed by 5 PM PST every Friday.
    • The weekly tracker is a document that provides tasks related to The Borgen Project mission and its focus areas that need to be accomplished each week.

These goals are the expectations in which each intern will be evaluated on and expected to complete by the end of the internship program.


Raise $500

Call and email Congress weekly Meet with Congressional Leader’s Office**

Learn how to use Applicant Tracking Software

Mobilize others to email Congress

Implement a marketing campaign

**All Congressional meetings will be scheduled by The Borgen Project staff. ** 


To apply send your resume to [email protected]


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