House of Hope Helping Internally Displaced Ukrainians

nternally Displaced UkrainiansHouse of Hope started helping internally displaced people (IDPs) in Ukraine, on February 27, 2022. It has so far provided a total of 3,400 tons of supplies for relief. The House of Hope team is also helping internally displaced people to evacuate Ukraine. There are 5.3 million internally displaced people in Ukraine, 2.5 million of whom are children. About 17.6 million internally displaced Ukrainians require humanitarian assistance as of 2023. 

Helping Food-Insecure IDPs

One in three families who are internally displaced in Ukraine do not have enough food to eat. To make matters worse, food prices have increased by 50% since 2022.

To help solve this food crisis, House of Hope has provided 40 tons of food in more than 120 trucks, to internally displaced Ukrainians in refugee shelters and active war zones. To ensure the food reaches its destination, House of Hope uses bullet-proof cars. They also distribute 25,000 loaves of bread every day to IDPs. They have also donated more than 15,000 ovens to them. House of Hope operates in Lviv, Ukraine. Currently, 350 shelters for internally displaced Ukrainians are located in Lviv.

Helping Internally Displaced Ukrainians Get Access to Medicine

Health care has been sabotaged over 1,000 times in Ukraine since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

Studies reveal that one in three internally displaced people in Ukraine who reside in places that are occupied by the Russians or locations that are in active combat struggle to get medicine and health care services.

There are 12.1 million people in Ukraine who require treatment for issues caused by injuries they got from living in a war zone, as well as chronic health issues that treatment for has been neglected because of the war. To provide assistance to the people in Ukraine, House of Hope has provided 40 tons of medicine that are carried in more than 120 trucks to internally displaced people living in refugee shelters and places that are active war zones. They use bullet-proof cars to bring this medicine to those in need, every day.

Evacuating Ukrainians

House of Hope’s center of operations located in Lviv Ukraine, is on Poland’s border, as it is 80 kilometers from Poland. House of Hope has a total of 60 buses, ambulances and vans that are used to evacuate children and families. They have evacuated around 35,000 people. About 1.6 million refugees escaped Ukraine to reside in Poland, since May 9, 2023. Over 1.1 million Ukrainian children who are refugees have fled to Poland. Poland is home to 60% of the Ukrainian refugees. The main route that refugees in Ukraine evacuate on is a railroad that is in the small town of Pokrovsk, Ukraine, that travels to Dnipro and Lviv Ukraine. From either Dnipro or Lviv, refugees travel to Poland.

Equipment Donated to Internally Displaced Ukrainians

House of Hope has delivered 40 tons of equipment carried in more than 120 trucks, for internally displaced Ukrainians living in refugee shelters and places suffering from active war zones. They have also collaborated with Lviv’s governor to build a green corridor between Lviv and Poland. This green corridor ensures that aid can directly come into Ukraine. Lviv receives 80% of supplies used to help the Ukrainian people in need. These supplies are distributed all throughout Ukraine.

Looking Ahead

House of Hope will continue to provide food, medicine and equipment to internally displaced Ukrainians in active war zones and refugee shelters. They will also keep evacuating refugees out of Ukraine to safer countries. It is extremely critical House of Hope continues helping internally displaced Ukrainians because an estimated 17.6 million internally displaced people desperately need humanitarian assistance, as of 2023.

– Rachael Weiser
Photo: Flickr