Ways to Improve Global Health Systems


global health systemsThe COVID-19 pandemic has brought a variety of challenges to people in many global health systems worldwide. The pandemic has highlighted several barriers that have prevented people from trusting healthcare systems for years. Some solutions can potentially help global health systems make major improvements and increase the number of patients seeking guidance.

The Importance of Using Telehealth

One service that can be convenient for people who do not have access to transportation or cannot make appointments to see healthcare providers is telehealth. The number of patients using telehealth has increased throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. More people have been taking advantage of telehealth due to not being able to see doctors face-to-face. Using telehealth can expand a variety of services to patients around the world. With many patients wanting to continue accessing services through telehealth, improving its quality can help improve global health systems.

Teladoc and Microsoft to Develop Virtual Care Program

A new collaboration between Microsoft and Teladoc Health will focus on expanding virtual care. Their goal is to find ways to increase positive experiences and improve the circumstances of healthcare systems. With more healthcare providers using online services, one component of the collaboration includes working on methods that make it easier for employees to do their jobs efficiently. Certainly, this collaboration can help improve healthcare systems with the option of providing healthcare services virtually.

THRIVE to Help Improve Healthcare Systems

Franz Strategic Solutions recently created THRIVE, an initiative to provide healthcare to people who do not have access to different services. Further, many people would receive healthcare benefits from a variety of programs. One of the initiative’s main priorities is on improving healthcare systems. THRIVE plans to create solutions to issues within healthcare systems through components such as technology. Through its partnership with RDI Healthcare, THRIVE plans to focus on increasing positive outcomes for patients within healthcare systems.

How COVID-19 Has Impacted Healthcare Systems

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted various issues that potentially led to many people not trusting health care systems. One area that requires focus is the number of healthcare workers because many parts of the world struggle due to the lack of people working in healthcare systems. Having more healthcare workers can bring some benefits, such as increased patient care and lower health disparities. Increasing the amount of money for health-related purposes can help improve the quality of healthcare systems. Another thing that requires consideration is the healthcare system’s components. It is necessary to provide certain services such as outreach and child care.

Telehealth has been an important service within healthcare systems throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Certainly, the collaboration between Teladoc Health and Microsoft is prioritizing virtual care options for healthcare systems. THRIVE is one initiative that can be beneficial to many healthcare systems. In conclusion, the number of healthcare workers and healthcare service options is essential to the quality of a healthcare system.

– Chloe Moody
Photo: Wikimedia Commons