Steps for Writing a Friends and Family Fundraising Letter

How to write a fundraising letter:

  1. Using an Excel database compile a list of contacts (family, friends, parents of friends, long-lost relatives, teachers, etc.). Beyond just fundraising the letter serves the purpose of introducing people to the organization and giving them a personal connection to it. So even if you don’t think they’ll donate, add them to the list. Facebook is a great source for thinking of names of friends and family to contact
  2. Use to help you find addresses or check with anyone you think might know.
  3. Add their info to your letter and print it (feel free to personalize the letters or make changes).
  4. Write your letter and have someone edit before printing. Sign your letters and add personal touches wherever possible (especially on the envelope).
  5. Handwrite the recipient’s address on the envelopes.
  6. In the envelope include…
    • Your letter
    • Return envelope
    • Borgen Project info
  7. Turn in a list of everyone you mailed it to, so you we can notify you when your contacts make a donation. We don’t need their contact info just names. The Borgen Project sends an official Thank you letter with IRS Tax-Deduction receipt and you’ll send a personal Thank you.
  8. 3-4 days later do an informal call to see if they received the letter and if they have any questions (This is optional but will greatly increase the amount you raise).

… and that’s the 8 steps for how to write a fundraising letter.