First, find your officials’ information, which includes office phone numbers, by clicking the link below:



What to say: “Hi, I’m a Borgen Project supporter and I would like to see funding for USAID increased.”

That’s all there is to it! Call the office of your three leaders weekly.


I’m scared to call! Don’t be. Usually the person answering the call is an intern working for Congressional leader. Their job is customer service and to keep the people who live in their district happy. Simply say the script above and the intern will write in the congressional leaders report that one person called in support of USAID (the U.S. agency that assists the world’s poor).

You don’t need to be an expert on politics or the topic to call. You’re simply calling as a citizen to let the people representing you in Congress know that you want them focused on helping the poor. At most, you might be asked your address or zip code but that’s simply to verify that you live in the leader’s district. Congressional leaders and their key staff follow these reports closely.