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7 Ways Emirates Red Crescent is Making an Impact

Emirates Red Crescent
The Emirates Red Crescent is a volunteer humanitarian organization that “supports official authorities in times of peace and war,” the International Humanitarian City says. As the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) main relief and aid agency, its main objective is to provide emergency response and organize relief coordination. Founded in 1983 through the support of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, the organization garnered international recognition as a member of the International Federation of Red Crescent and Red Cross Societies in 1986.

7 Ways Emirates Red Crescent is Making an Impact

  1. Supporting Syrians: Cooperating with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the two organizations conducted “Operation Gallant Knight 2.” This initiative is part of the UAE’s efforts to provide moral and psychological support for those affected by the Syria-Turkey earthquake. In April 2023, Red Crescent members celebrated Eid Al Fitr with 150 children and orphans with cancer in Orange Mall in the Latakia governorate of Syria.
  2. Fundraising Efforts: In a recent 2023 announcement, the Emirates Red Crescent highlighted that it has gathered more than AED 10 billion (about $2.9 billion) worth of humanitarian funding over the past 15-year period. More than 228 million people in 128 countries within and outside the UAE have benefited from the organization’s humanitarian efforts.
  3. Annual Winter Campaigns: As part of its annual winter campaign, the organization launched its 2023 “Be Their Warmth” operation to provide health care, food and shelter for 500,000 people in 31 countries around the world. The aid program will operate through the support of humanitarian partners in order to reach the goal of helping half a million people. The previous winter campaign benefited numerous countries, such as Jordan. In January 2022, the provision of aid to 120,000 people in Jordan, in the form of blankets, warm clothes, food and heating appliances, ensured a less harsh winter.
  4. Syria-Turkey Earthquake Response: Responding to the disaster, in March 2023, the Emirates Red Crescent constructed a shelter camp that provided accommodation for 300 people. The camp came equipped with blankets, beds, food packages and solar lighting. Around the same time, the organization also built 1,000 solar-powered homes in Syria at a cost of $17.7 million. The homes house up to 6,000 people, providing several rooms and living facilities for families in need.
  5. Free Health Care Services in Remote Yemen: The organization’s efforts further the UAE’s aim to alleviate the Yemeni people’s suffering after years of war. The use of mobile clinics served 543 beneficiaries in July 2022 in Yemen’s Hadhramaut Governorate. As part of the clinic work, the health team conducts health check-ups on people in isolated areas struggling with access to basic facilities and health care. Since 2015, Yemen has received more than $6.3 billion of aid from the Emirates Red Crescent and the organization’s clinic services benefited close to 16,000 Yemenis.
  6. Hospital for Mothers and Children: The inauguration of the Umm Al Emarat Hospital for mothers and children took place on the island of Mohéli in September 2022 in Comoros. This is part of several development initiatives implemented to assist people affected by Cyclone Kenneth, which hit the Republic of the United Comoro Islands in 2019. The hospital will benefit nearly 20,000 people in the area through improved and more accessible health care services. The hospital was developed in cooperation with the UAE Embassy in Moroni.
  7. Responding to Pakistan’s 2022 Floods: The Emirates Red Crescent continues to send aircraft with relief and humanitarian aid to flood-stricken Pakistan in 2023. Additionally, the organization’s launch of the “We Stand Together” initiative brought together multiple humanitarian UAE organizations to deliver thousands of emergency relief kits to affected women and children. Initially, in September 2022, the initiative supplied Pakistan with 1,200 tonnes of food, health and hygiene kits and 30,000 relief kits for flood-affected households.

Looking Ahead

As a humanitarian organization that is dedicated to providing emergency relief and aid, the Emirates Red Crescent continues to dedicate its services to nations in dire need. From responding to natural disasters to addressing the health care needs of war-afflicted countries, the organization continues to provide aid where necessary.

– Grace Clay
Photo: Flickr