ADRA Addresses Community Development

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is an organization set out to identify and address social distortions and deprivation in developing countries. ADRA focuses its energy on community development through six sectors: Protecting the Vulnerable, Supporting Families, Promoting Health, Providing Food and Water, Establishing Livelihoods and Responding to Emergencies.

Protecting the Vulnerable

ADRA aims to protect children who are sold as sex workers, advocate for women who must fight for the opportunity to learn to read and defend the millions of minorities and others around the world who suffer injustice.

Supporting Families

Families in poverty are the focus on this program. Orphans who are without food or shelter are cared for and looked after. ADRA also provides children with education.

Promoting Health and Providing Food and Water

ADRA wants to reduce the incidences of diseases by encouraging health and wellness. Coupled with improvements in sanitation and access to clean water, the basics of health and wellness can be achieved.

Establishing Livelihoods

By providing microloans and training, ADRA gives men and women the ability to support themselves and their families. This is one of the best ways to help someone escape poverty; with these opportunities, men and women can get back up on their feet and stay there.

Responding to Emergencies

We often see that countries that are in need are also often affected by unforeseen disasters. The ADRA is there to respond to those emergencies. By providing the basic necessities, the short term needs of disaster refugees are

ADRA deals with millions of funds in order to provide these programs. In 2012, $74,330,388 was spent on the functional expenses of the organization. Ninety-three percent of their funding goes toward their programs in the six sectors, while the rest of the seven percent is split between administrative funding and fundraising.

The many programs provided by the ADRA look to apply aid liberally by addressing many different issues involving those in need.

– Erik Nelson

Sources: ADRA, Charity Navigator
Photo: Adventist