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3 Charities Providing Earthquake Relief to Mexico

Providing Earthquake Relief to MexicoLocated in the southern region of North America, Mexico is among one of the most economically disparate nations in the world. This broad inequity is largely a result of the political and economic corruption that is commonplace within the country and has resulted in approximately 41.9% of the nation’s constituents living below the poverty line as of 2018. Unfortunately, a recent earthquake in Mexico has likely caused an increase in this number, but organizations are on the ground providing earthquake relief to Mexico.


On September 19, 2022, an earthquake with a 7.6 magnitude hit Mexico’s central pacific coast. This date, in fact, marked the anniversary of two previous highly damaging earthquakes that hit Mexico City in 1985 and in 2017. Mexico has had a long history of natural weather disasters, including earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and volcanic eruptions. These unpredictable disasters contribute to the high poverty rate within the country. Natural weather disasters are responsible for the destruction of crucial infrastructure and result in mass displacement.

The most recent September 19 earthquake, in specific, resulted in damage to hospitals, malls, hotels, homes, parking lots and highways. Major parts of the city also faced power losses. Though the area reported no immediate casualties, reports confirm that the earthquake led to the death of at least one person. Mexico is in need of immediate aid.

3 Charities Providing Earthquake Relief to Mexico

  1. Direct Relief. Direct Relief began operations in Santa Barbara California in 1948 as an organization dedicated to “improving the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion or ability to pay.” The organization provides aid to territories all over the globe, including Mexico. Since 2010, it has provided Mexico with more than $57 million worth of medical assistance, more than 1.2 million pounds of medical supplies and more than 22 million “doses of medication.” In terms of Mexico’s most recent devastation, Direct Relief is providing earthquake relief to Mexico by offering assistance and aid (both physical and financial) to local and federal response agencies.
  2. Red Cross. The Red Cross began operations in Washington D.C. in 1881 as an organization dedicated to “protecting human life and health” and offers a wide range of services across the globe. The Red Cross has a primary focus on disaster relief but also provides blood services and humanitarian aid during global conflicts while working to improve global hygiene through water and sanitation initiatives. Its specific work in Mexico relating to the September 19 earthquake includes sending out Red Cross teams to monitor all regions impacted by the earthquake. In addition to its data collection, 57 Red Cross paramedics are on-call in Mexico City, ready to support affected constituents.
  3. All Hands and Hearts. This foundation came about in 2005 with headquarters in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts. All Hands and Hearts is an organization dedicated to “helping families recover faster after natural disasters through community and volunteer engagement.” All Hands and Hearts’ earthquake relief program in Mexico began after the September 2017 earthquake in Central Mexico. The team devised a five-phase plan to reconstruct schools and piloted several natural disaster education programs within the country, positively impacting more than 2,400 students. This program is still in progress providing earthquake relief to Mexico today.

Looking Ahead

While natural disasters are powerful enough to destroy infrastructure and displace thousands in poverty, it is crucial to remember the important work of organizations in the aftermath of these crises. Together, these relief organizations promise a better tomorrow for forcefully displaced Mexicans.

-Aarika Sharma
Photo: Flickr