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The Importance of Sanitation to Education


The Importance of Sanitation to Education
Many people know the importance of clean water and basic sanitation for health, yet, hardly think of what not having these amenities means for schools and education. According to a program called Support My School, studies have shown that schools lacking “basic amenities like Toilets, Access to Water and Basic Infrastructure create[s] an unwelcome environment in schools, which leads to a higher rate of absenteeism, finally resulting into drop-outs.”

For rural India, this becomes an extremely large issue because an estimated 50 percent of schools here are without functioning toilets. This is why Coca-Cola India, NDTV and UN-Habitat have teamed up to start to Support My School, a program in India geared to revive schools in semi-urban and rural towns and improve their sanitary and water efforts.

Support My School does not just help get clean water and working toilets into school, it also builds awareness on just how important water and sanitation are too many aspects of life, including education, utilizes whole communities to find solutions for the schools, and raises money through donations from stakeholders, corporations, and the general public. The program believes that improved sanitation and the provision of other basic amenities will make schools and students happier, healthier, and more active.

As of today, Support My School has raised 13.6 crore, which is equivalent to 2.495 million dollars.  272 schools in India have been revitalized. And over 43,000 students have reaped the benefits of the campaign.

– Angela Hooks


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