Stars to Support World Humanitarian Day

Many celebrities have answered the call of the United Nations relief arm by posting and tweeting to raise awareness and hype for this year’s World Humanitarian Day on August 22.

The U.N. has asked young and digitally-connected people to talk about the compelling stories of people in need by sharing these tales on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

Stars have already taken to their profiles by using the hashtag ShareHumanity, which will be observed across the world’s U.N. system and beyond, promoting a change for World Humanitarian Day.

Australian singer Cody Simpson, Chinese martial artist Jet Li, actress Shay Mitchell and British singer Leona Lewis have all endorsed the campaign. Brazilian football player Ricardo Kaka sponsored the initiative by sharing people’s stories of endurance, faith and optimism.

The Share Humanity campaign calls on people to donate their social media feeds to inspire “a greater sense of responsibility, solidarity and social activism, using the far-reaching impact of social media,” said the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Simpson, 18, shared his reasoning behind his activism. “I’m getting behind #ShareHumanity because it’s a way of showing that we haven’t forgotten that there are millions living in humanitarian crises,” he said. “I hope others will join us in this massive display of public support calling for a more humane world.”

Along with Simpson, Mitchell and Lewis are promoting this cause by sharing different inspiring accounts. Mitchell is sharing the story of Oliver, titled Welcome to Skateistan, while Lewis tells the story of Khaled, called Baby in the Rubble: Syria’s White Helmets.

According to the U.N., in 2015, 78 million people globally are in need of food, education, health care or shelter. To help save these people, the world needs to raise $16.4 billion to eradicate this problem. In a video sanctioned by World Humanitarian Day, the U.N. asks that humanitarians share their stories about giving back, so that the world may potentially raise this money to make a drastic change.

“Share an incredible journey. Share new friends. Share a miraculous status. Share something that needs to be stopped. Share something that should never stop. Share humanity,” the video said. It shows several videos of incredible and shocking moments that all appear to be videotaped on a cell phone due to the pixelated low quality. Since most videos posted on social media are taken from cell phones, the video makes a good point: phones and social media are the gateway to making a difference.

The power of digital devices and social media can change the world. People who understand and wish to act on this can join Messengers of Humanity. In association with Share Humanity, Messengers of Humanity creates an online presence for those who want to change the world. The people involved in Messengers of Humanity see the influence of social media and know mindfulness is the primary stage in driving achievement. They practice their social networks to communicate about matters that need to change and to transform the world we live in.

On the World Humanitarian Day website, there is a live feed that shows each person who has donated their social media feed to the cause. There are too many people to count. These are the numbers that are needed to really create change in the world. To help, search #ShareHumanity or visit

Fallon Lineberger

Sources: Look to the Stars, World Humanitarian Day
Photo: Daily Record