Many consumer companies create social responsibility programs to stand out and make themselves sustainable, creative or innovative. However, when consumer products give back to the community, are consumers more likely to buy them?

1. Puma’s Clever World

Bring Me Back Program

If you have clothes or shoes that you don’t want anymore, Puma will take them, even if they are by another brand. Used or unwanted items are sorted and graded according to more than 400 criteria. Items are either re-worn as is, up-cycled for industrial use or recycled into raw materials for new products.

Films 4 Peace

Films4Peace is a short film commission by Puma featuring contemporary artists’ takes on peace. The works are screened and discussed at educational events globally and online. The short films do not contain any dialogue, thus removing any language barriers and making them widely accessible. Films4Peace celebrates World Peace Day, an international United National day of ceasefire where individuals and organizations can demonstrate acts of peace. World Peace Day takes place September 21 each year. The films are released to the public domain and are free from screening fees, making them a free gift to the world.

2. Honest Company


More than 60 members of the Honest Company family joined together with Baby2Baby on March 16 to donate 200 new cribs and more than 108,000 diapers to Los Angeles families in need. For every crib sold on Honest.com, the company promises to donate one crib to a family in need. The Los Angeles donation was the first delivery of cribs as part of that promise.

3. Burt’s Bees

The Greater Good Foundation

In 2007, Burt’s Bees established The Greater Good Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that empowers grassroots initiatives, particularly in the areas of protecting honeybees, supporting sustainable agriculture and supporting the local community. Since its inception, the foundation has donated $233,000 to 23 nonprofit organizations. Through the foundation, Burt’s Bees pledges to donate at least 10% of all web site revenues to its selected well-being partners, including Habitat for Humanity and the Triangle Land Conservancy.

More than 60% of consumers around the world prefer to buy products from companies that have programs to give back to society. 62% would also prefer to work for these companies and 59% would rather invest in companies that make a positive difference in the world.

– Haley Sklut

Sources: Puma, The Honest Co., Burt’s Bees, Nielsen
Photo: Baby2Baby