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5 Charities Operating in Portugal 

Charities Operating in Portugal 
In Portugal, there are around 185,000 people working for nonprofit institutions. This figure represents about 4.3% of Portugal’s total employment. While this percentage might not seem staggering, the nonprofit sector makes up quite a significant portion of Portugal’s employment with a large number of charities operating in the nation. In fact, Portugal’s nonprofit sector actually makes up more of the national employment than the agricultural sector. This article will focus on five charities operating in Portugal and how they are making a difference.

5 Charities Operating in Portugal

  1. SOS Children’s Villages International: This Austria-based nonprofit has been operating in Portugal since the early 1960s. SOS works to provide for children who can no longer stay with their families or who do not have families. SOS Villages is currently helping children and families in four locations within Portugal. Internationally, SOS Villages has worked in more than 135 territories and countries.
  2. AMI: This nonprofit focuses on helping people that poverty affects. In Portugal, this charity provides goods and services such as night shelters, street teams and food reception centers. The organization was founded in 1984 and has sent hundreds of volunteers to a number of countries, including Portugal.
  3. Crescer: This nonprofit operates in the greater Lisbon area and focuses on excluded and vulnerable groups of society. The organization is passionate about implementing drug consumption rooms in Portugal. These rooms enable users to consume drugs in a safer setting under the care of medical professionals. They have made contact with 2,478 people experiencing homelessness and 7,969 “consumers of psychoactive drugs.”
  4. Check-In: Operating out of central Lisbon, the main focus of Check-In is youth education. They provide services such as seminars and training for young people hoping to enter the workforce. In Portugal, they also provide access to services such as Portuguese classes for non-natives and workshops for expanding knowledge.
  5. Apoio A Vitma (APAV): This charity’s name means ‘support for the victim’ in Portuguese. As the name suggests, this organization works with people who are victims of violence, sexual assault and discrimination. This nonprofit provides many resources such as a victim hotline, victim support offices and shelter housing. In 2021, APAV had 9,588 phone calls that made contact with victims of abuse. In addition, they made in-person contact with 2,367 other victims.

These charities operating in Portugal are examples of organizations fighting poverty and social inequality. They are looking to provide support for impoverished and vulnerable populations across Portugal and the world.

– Timothy Ginter
Photo: Unsplash