World Leaders Gather to Discuss EDD

This year, from November 26 to the following day of the same month, world leaders will gather at the European Union Development Days (EDD) in Brussels to discuss the future of international development. Among the speakers are the Prime Minister of Jamaica, members of the European Parliament, representatives of the International Trade Centre and more.

The aim of the EDD is to “foster engagement and facilitate the implementation of the agenda for greater aid effectiveness.” The event also helps create and share new strategies, networks and relationships in order to improve international aid and development. The EDD also allows individuals to become involved and attend the event as “stakeholders” as the issue at hand is one that affects us all.

This gathering is occurring at a monumental time as countries across the globe have been cutting back on international aid. The European Union recently agreed on a seven-year budget framework and is in the process of trying to implement it. By making aid more efficient, the E.U. and other countries can remove corruption and disorganization from the process of international aid.

The issues that will be discussed at EDD include climate change, food security, health, human rights, the post-2015 agenda, youth and other pressing matters. The willingness of representatives and individuals from areas all across the globe to unite in the name of international aid proves the significance and wide impact of international development. This event should bring about new approaches and motivation within the realm of international relations and development. The conference can be monitored on the European Union Development Days Website.

– Lienna Feleke-Eshete
Sources: EU Dev Days, Devex