Working to sustain natural resources is Winrock International’s top priority. As a non-profit organization that works with people both in the United States and around the world, Winrock seeks to empower disadvantaged citizens and produce increasing economic opportunities for these individuals.

Winrock’s main areas of focus are empowerment, civil engagement, enterprise, agriculture, environment, forestry, energy, and ecosystem services. Through strengthening the social capacities of women, children and civil society organizations, individuals are encouraged to be politically active in national development to transform their societies into democratic cooperatives. Programs of this nature include employment training, participation in local government, and prevention of human trafficking and child labor. Supporting, establishing, and growing small agricultural projects allow Winrock International to target sustained development of the stability of nations. Promoting ecological use of natural resources supports food and income needs of growing families.

Created in 1985, Winrock was created from the merging of the International Agricultural Development Service, the Winrock International Livestock Research and Training Center, and the Agricultural Development Council. These organizations together provide advanced degree academic programs for 588 men and women across the globe. Also strengthening local academic institutions, Winrock International sponsors conferences, and supports research initiatives.

Winrock has a deep commitment to finding students that are committed to serving their respected countries; it is encouraged that students return to their home countries to assume leadership positions in leading institutions and organizations, and more than 90 percent follow suit. Among many others, a few of Winrock’s capabilities include biodiversity, agriculture, pollution, human rights, workforce development, and conflict management.

With a strategic outlook on the goal of benefiting the poor and disadvantaged of the world, Winrock is dedicated to increasing long-term productivity and responsible resource management. Unity is the cornerstone of organization, according to Winrock. They determine their success by their integrated programs and how well they address the developmental challenges of the communities they seek to aid.

Volunteering is essential to Winrock’s existence. Working with farmers, businesses and governments worldwide, Winrock’s volunteer programs offer short-term assignments to support existing programs. Areas available for volunteering include agricultural development, natural resource management, renewable energy, economic growth, enterprise development, democracy and governance, and women and youth empowerment. For more information, visit Winrock and turn inspiration into action.

– Kali Faulwetter

Source: Winrock
Photo: IMOW