What is the Overseas Development Institute?

The Overseas Development Institute (ODI) is a U.K. based think tank that seeks to reduce poverty through sustainable policy and well developed practice. ODI has five priority areas focuses on and seeks to make a difference. These areas are not meant to be comprehensive but ODI believes that it is necessary to attempt to create an overarching organization to the world’s development challenges.

One: New Goals for a New Era
ODI is committed to the development of a sustainable framework for the post-2015 agenda after the MDGs officially expire.

Two: Climate-Compatible Development

ODI seeks a balance between protecting the climate and environment and encouraging important development progress.

Three: Resilience in Fragile Contexts

ODI is devoting attention and research to the best methods of achieving sustainable development and resilience in conflict affected societies with the aid of good governance and strong institutions.

Four: Inclusive Growth in a Volatile World

ODI would like to see a world that allows for developing countries to grow effectively, reduce poverty, and have the ability to withstand changing global conditions.

Five: New Models for Action

ODI supports an inclusive vision for development and humanitarian action that engages all actors – public, private, state, local, and international.

ODI sits at the cutting edge of peace and development policy worldwide, attempting to find innovative and sustainable solutions to poverty and suffering. ODI has devoted research to how development policy and development finance can best be revised to promote positive growth. They have programs that work on many different levels of policy and practice from social development to combatting inequality to agricultural development.

– Zoë Meroney

Sources: ODI, Devex
Photo: ODI