The Borgen Project

Iowa Volunteering Opportunities

Be part of political efforts to help the world’s hungry, start volunteering in Iowa today! The Borgen Project offers volunteer ops throughout Iowa for those interested in doing community service for a global problem. These volunteering positions in Iowa can be done remotely from your home in any town, college or city in the state. The telecommuting, web-based volunteer openings are for The Borgen Project’s Regional Director program. If you would like to be a volunteer for The Borgen Project in Iowa, click the link below to read the description.

View volunteer openings

Volunteering in Iowa

To apply for Iowa volunteer openings, send your resume to [email protected]

Learn more about the volunteer program

What is it? from THE BORGEN PROJECT on Vimeo.

Global Poverty & U.S. Jobs from THE BORGEN PROJECT on Vimeo.

Foreign Aid 101 from THE BORGEN PROJECT on Vimeo.

University and college students are welcome to apply for the Iowa volunteer openings. For those looking to volunteer in Iowa for Thanksgiving, Christmas or other holidays, The Borgen Project does not currently offer one-day volunteering opportunities. Check with local soup or food kitchens in your city.


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Ackworth, IA

Adair, IA

Adel, IA

Afton, IA

Agency, IA

Ainsworth, IA

Akron, IA

AlbertCity, IA

Albia, IA

Albion, IA

Alburnett, IA

Alden, IA

Alexander, IA

Algona, IA

Alleman, IA

Allendorf, IA

Allerton, IA

Allison, IA

Alta, IA

AltaVista, IA

Alton, IA

Altoona, IA

Alvord, IA

Amana, IA

Ames, IA

Anamosa, IA

Andover, IA

Andrew, IA

Anita, IA

Ankeny, IA

Anthon, IA

Aplington, IA

Arcadia, IA

Archer, IA

Aredale, IA

Argyle, IA

Arion, IA

Arispe, IA

Arlington, IA

Armstrong, IA

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Arthur, IA

Ashton, IA

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Doon, IA

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Evansdale, IA

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Exline, IA

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Fayette, IA

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Gilbertville, IA

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Glenwood, IA

Glidden, IA

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Goodell, IA

GooseLake, IA

Gowrie, IA

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Grafton, IA

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GrandMound, IA

GrandRiver, IA

Grandview, IA

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HarpersFerry, IA

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Harvey, IA

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Haverhill, IA

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Hills, IA

Hillsboro, IA

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Lewis, IA

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Libertyville, IA

Lidderdale, IA

LimeSprings, IA

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Lisbon, IA

Liscomb, IA

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Ollie, IA

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Orchard, IA

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Patterson, IA

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Percival, IA

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Peterson, IA

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PleasantValley, IA

Pleasantville, IA

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Pocahontas, IA

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Popejoy, IA

Portsmouth, IA

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Prairieburg, IA

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Preston, IA

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Quasqueton, IA

Quimby, IA

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Ralston, IA

Randalia, IA

Randall, IA

Randolph, IA

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Redding, IA

Redfield, IA

Reinbeck, IA

Rembrandt, IA

Remsen, IA

Renwick, IA

Rhodes, IA

Riceville, IA

Richland, IA

Ricketts, IA

Ridgeway, IA

Rinard, IA

Ringsted, IA

Rippey, IA

Riverside, IA

Riverton, IA

Robins, IA

RockFalls, IA

RockRapids, IA

RockValley, IA

Rockford, IA

Rockwell, IA

RockwellCity, IA

Rodney, IA

Roland, IA

Rolfe, IA

Rome, IA

RoseHill, IA

Rowan, IA

Rowley, IA

Royal, IA

Rudd, IA

Runnells, IA

Russell, IA

Ruthven, IA

Rutland, IA

Ryan, IA

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SacCity, IA

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SaintMarys, IA

SaintOlaf, IA

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Salix, IA

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Schleswig, IA

Scranton, IA

Searsboro, IA

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SergeantBluff, IA

Seymour, IA

Shambaugh, IA

ShannonCity, IA

Sharpsburg, IA

Sheffield, IA

Shelby, IA

Sheldahl, IA

Sheldon, IA

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Sherrill, IA

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SiouxCity, IA

SiouxRapids, IA

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Sloan, IA

Smithland, IA

Soldier, IA

Solon, IA

Somers, IA

SouthAmana, IA

SouthEnglish, IA

Spencer, IA

Sperry, IA

Spillville, IA

SpiritLake, IA

Spragueville, IA

Springbrook, IA

Springville, IA

Stacyville, IA

Stanhope, IA

Stanley, IA

Stanton, IA

Stanwood, IA

StateCenter, IA

SteamboatRock, IA

Stockport, IA

Stockton, IA

StormLake, IA

StoryCity, IA

Stout, IA

Stratford, IA

StrawberryPoint, IA

Struble, IA

Stuart, IA

Sully, IA

Sumner, IA

Superior, IA

Sutherland, IA

Swaledale, IA

Swan, IA

SweaCity, IA

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Swisher, IA

Tabor, IA

Tama, IA

TeedsGrove, IA

Templeton, IA

Tennant, IA

Terril, IA

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Thompson, IA

Thor, IA

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Thornton, IA

Thurman, IA

Tiffin, IA

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Toddville, IA

Toeterville, IA

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Truro, IA

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Udell, IA

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Vincent, IA

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Viola, IA

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Wadena, IA

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Walford, IA

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Wallingford, IA

Walnut, IA

Wapello, IA

Washington, IA

Washta, IA

Waterloo, IA

Waterville, IA

Watkins, IA

Waucoma, IA

Waukee, IA

Waukon, IA

Waverly, IA

Wayland, IA

Webb, IA

Webster, IA

WebsterCity, IA

Weldon, IA

Wellman, IA

Wellsburg, IA

Welton, IA

Wesley, IA

WestBend, IA

WestBranch, IA

WestBurlington, IA

WestChester, IA

WestDesMoines, IA

WestGrove, IA

WestLiberty, IA

WestPoint, IA

WestUnion, IA

Westfield, IA

Westgate, IA

Westphalia, IA

Westside, IA

Wever, IA

WhatCheer, IA

Wheatland, IA

Whiting, IA

Whittemore, IA

Whitten, IA

Williams, IA

Williamsburg, IA

Williamson, IA

Wilton, IA

Winfield, IA

Winterset, IA

Winthrop, IA

Wiota, IA

Woden, IA

Woodbine, IA

Woodburn, IA

Woodward, IA

Woolstock, IA

Worthington, IA

Wyoming, IA

Yale, IA

Yarmouth, IA

Yorktown, IA

Zearing, IA

Zwingle, IA