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USAID Helps At-Risk Youth in Central America

USAID Helps At-Risk Youth in Central America
The program administered by USAID called “A Ganar” (“To Win”), will be branching out to include support for at-risk youth throughout Central America. The program, funded jointly by USAID and the Inter-American Development Bank, currently operates in 15 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The program aims to increase education and training for youth in Central and South American countries as a way of preventing violence and crime and to encourage youth to participate in activities and training that will allow them to have meaningful careers.

Partners of the Americas, who are tasked with putting this program into practice, will administer a four-step process with young adults aged 16 through 24, which includes math and reading courses, participation in team sports, career training, and linking youth with private companies.

Although the program will be new to Central America, it has already been in practice in other countries since 2005 and has achieved great results. Since 2005, 11,000 young people have participated with 5,000 of those involved with a job, furthering their education, or starting their own enterprises.

Christina Kindlon

Source: USAID