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UN Web TV Channel Influential in Educates on Global Poverty

Various news and media sites constantly are reporting on the state of global poverty. Whether it is discussion of hunger relief efforts or education reform in developing countries, following the mass media’s coverage of the fight against global poverty can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, the United Nations’ website provides live and on-demand video coverage of meetings, press conferences and other multimedia presentations to keep viewers informed about the latest news.

Though the UN participates in only one sector of the fight against global poverty, it is a large and influential one. Since its founding in 1945, the UN has contributed to maintaining peace, improving literacy, promoting democracy and protecting basic human rights in countries all over the world. Clearly, the UN has no trouble keeping track of the latest developments in the state of global poverty.

As a result, the UN’s website is reliable source of news for those that want to know about this ongoing fight. The Web TV page is a resource for those that want high-speed access to select news regarding projects and ongoing policies.  Opening the site in a Web browser on a laptop, iPad, tablet or smartphone directs viewers to a multitude of videos and schedules of upcoming live broadcasts.

Videos on the online channel are organized into five categories: Live Now, Meetings & Events, Media, News & Features and Topics & Issues. In addition, the site highlights one video each week that details a topical issue or ongoing project. Informative videos such as these are saved in the archives so that viewers can access them at any time afterward.

The most current news and information is available in the form of live streams of UN meetings and daily media and press releases.  For example, the UN presents a press briefing at noon each day.  The speeches are filmed and uploaded to the Media section of the UN Web TV channel. By subscribing to UN Web TV, viewers will receive up-to-date schedules on when live meetings will occur and the other live programs available on the site each day. Subscriptions are not required, however, to watch any of the videos.

On June 27, the live webcast was titled “Rebuilding Timbuktu: The restoration of an intellectual and spiritual capital and its vital role in Mali’s post-conflict recovery.” Less than a week later, the live broadcast highlighted sustainable development forums.

By watching the videos, viewers can become more aware not only of the latest news in foreign aid and policy agreement, but also learn about the ways that the UN is working to alleviate global poverty. One of the most current featured videos showcases the new shelter built at the UN Headquarters in New York.  The video discusses both Ikea and the UN Refugee Agency’s roles in building the shelter and how shelters like this one are beneficial.

Many of the videos are broadcast in six different languages, thereby extending accessibility of the site beyond the English speaking world. Because of its accessibility, the UN Web TV channel quickly is becoming a source for up-to-date information regarding global poverty like many other online resources.

– Emily Walthouse

Sources: UN Web TV, UN, UNESCO
Photo: Impact Leadership 21