UK Commits $102 Million in Aid to SudanAt the beginning of an international meeting of donors and philanthropists in Qatar to discuss the development of Sudan, the UK has committed an additional $102 million in aid to Sudan. Over half of this aid is for Darfur. Ravaged through the years by civil wars, Sudan and specifically Darfur is desolate and destroyed. However, the international community is rallying around the country to support a peace deal signed in 2011 and to work towards rebuilding infrastructure and communities in Sudan.  Significant in the pledge was the goal to move the country away from a dependence on emergency aid and food handouts. The citizens of Sudan have endured much and aid that continues to foster dependence on international donors is going to do little for the growth of the country.

Country development strategy is focused on improving local governments, agricultural upgrades, and access to microfinancing for the citizens of Sudan. The UK offered the additional $102 million in aid to Sudan to fund skills-training and provide resources to help communities grow their own food. This aid is on top of the funds the UK already budgets for Sudan. Lynn Featherstone, Britain’s international development minister remarked, “It is not good enough to simply offer more handouts.”

The country continues to face rebel forces unwilling to sign the peace agreement, but the international community is committed to the rebuilding of Sudan. This is another push towards development that works hard to increase country resources and skills and offers access to small loans which help to decrease dependence on emergency aid and food handouts. Training and educating the citizens of Sudan will allow for greater pride in their communities and also allow a raise in the standard of living within the country, creating a solid path towards peace and safety. This is the type of development aid countries that is becoming more widespread and will have long term impacts in reducing and eradicating poverty.

– Amanda Kloeppel

Source: ABC News