Training Program in Pakistan & World Learning

The U.S. Agency for International Development has finalized a contract with World Learning to implement a $33.9 million program, “Training for Pakistan”. The program will offer short and long-term education to over 6,000 Pakistani professionals over the course of 4 years. Training for Pakistan aims to support Pakistan’s development priorities in the areas of education, agriculture, economic growth, health, and energy.

The USAID “Training for Pakistan” will offer a full range of training services, such as needs assessments, training design, participant recruitment, institutional capacity building, technical assistance, monitoring, and evaluation. Participants also have the opportunity to apply for small grants to jump-start development projects that have been inspired by their training at the end of select programs.

“USAID is proud to work with World Learning on the development of human capital in Pakistan,” stated Gregory Gottlieb, USAID Mission Director in Pakistan. “This program is one of the many examples of the U.S. long-term commitment to advance a shared vision that ensures a stable, secure, and prosperous Pakistan for generations to come.”

According to World Learning President and CEO Donald Steinberg, this partnership with USAID will give World Learning the capabilities to empower Pakistani individuals and organizations to actively engage in their country’s development. The program will help to give Pakistani’s future leaders the capabilities needed to ensure democracy and development.

World Learning is a nonprofit organization that has been advancing leadership in more than 60 countries for 80 years. The organization envisions a peaceful and just world driven by engaged citizens and thriving communities. World Learning works to achieve this goal by strengthening people and institutions through exchange, development programs, and education.

– Ali Warlich

Sources: World Learning, PR Newswire
Photo: World Learning