There Is Enough Food for Everyone If…

One in eight people around the world are suffering from severe starvation, yet the planet produces enough food to feed everyone. The Enough Food For Everyone IF campaign is attempting to fix this inequity in global food distribution.

The campaign is asking the government and G8 leaders to take three big steps towards ending hunger:

  • Clamp down on tax dodging and launch a convention on tax transparency to stop the flow of billions of dollars out of developing countries – money that could be used to end hunger.
  • Help developing countries make sure that everyone, especially children, have enough nutritious food to eat. This involves supporting poor families in growing their own food.
  • Give people in developing countries more control over their land by protecting poor farmers from land grabs. Land must be used to grow food, not fuel.

On June 8th, thousands of people gathered in Hyde Park for Big IF London, a huge day of action that kickstarted IF’s 10 day countdown to the G8 summit in Northern Ireland. If enough people come together to show their support for the campaign, world leaders will have to listen.

– Matthew Jackoski

Sources: Huffington Post, World Watch
Photo: IF