Wi-Fi is a tool that not only connects people across the globe but also drives the socio-economic development of a region. Tuesday, June 20th marked this year’s World Wi-Fi day, a day that acknowledges and celebrates the importance of Wi-Fi access for everyone. This year, Wi-Fi provider VAST Networks teamed up with network provider Rukus to give out one gigabyte (GB) of free Wi-Fi to all South Africans on VAST’s network.

Although it may not sound like a lot, one GB of Wi-Fi can go a long way. With just one GB, a person can spend 72 hours browsing the Internet, 20 hours watching videos on YouTube, five hours streaming live TV or send or receive 30,000 emails. All these tools provide Wi-Fi users with a means of interaction, education, research or entertainment.

With unemployment rates at an all-time high, Wi-Fi access is necessary for businesses to post available positions and for individuals to search for jobs quickly and efficiently. VAST Network’s free Wi-Fi gave these opportunities to both businesses and individuals at no cost last Tuesday.

VAST Networks CEO Grant Marais says that VAST was founded with the aim to increase South Africa’s global competitiveness through equal opportunities and inclusivity. Providing the country with affordable data rates and creating opportunities for free Wi-Fi serve as investments in South Africa’s future.

Wi-Fi is a powerful tool that has the capability to raise a country and its individuals out of poverty and World Wi-Fi Day recognizes the need for global Wi-Fi access. There exists the possibility for significant and positive change within communities of all kinds through the access and provision of Wi-Fi.

VAST Networks and Rukus show their support of affordable Wi-Fi as a worldwide necessity by giving one GB of free Wi-Fi as well as making their networks reasonably priced and obtainable every day.

Hannah Kaiser

Photo: Flickr