In our technologically advanced, post-modern society where humanitarian efforts are currently quite the hip thing to do, there is a lot to be done in terms of healing this world right from behind your very own computer screen.


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One notable website in this particular field is Volunteer Match, a page dedicated to helping you find your ultimate volunteering position. By detecting your location and prompting you for what issues you are for or against, divided into several categories (Advocacy & Human Rights, Animals, Art & Culture, Board Development), this handy page will connect you with your perfect organization. Thousands of positions are listed with the site, and by visiting the site, you are sure to find something that appeals to you.

A quick way to volunteer from home is to donate money to non-profit organizations. Yes, you’ve heard this one before; the importance of supporting your organizations each month cannot be stressed enough and definitely deserves some repeating. Most of the larger organizations, such as WWF and PETA, provide the option of donating a fixed amount of money each week; it is these donors that actively support respective causes.

Other opportunities for volunteering straight from home lie in the ability for communication. By buzzing a certain topic in your social circles, you raise awareness. Wish to have a more direct position in helping others? Why not volunteer for a crisis hotline focused on pressing issues?

An app exists for Apple users which allows smaller organizations to quickly and conveniently post new and ongoing projects for anybody who’s curious to keep up and participate. Increasing media presence and helping build a strong community among app users is currently the crucial focus of this app, called Sparked.

If you speak more than one language, you may consider translating some major organizations’ missions and progress reports into your language. Volunteering from home isn’t only convenient; it reaches many across the world and empowers those with access to a computer to truly make a difference. E-volunteering is truly a step toward the future, because as we know, nobody can do everything, yet everybody can do something. To apply this principle to the general public and derive an increase in involvement is exactly what is needed for absolving global issues.

– Natalia Isaeva
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Giving back can be a hassle, but with the digital revolution there are more and more opportunities to volunteer from your home. The organizations that have been thriving in this day and age are those that take advantage of technology. These are a few organizations that have great digital volunteer programs:

1. American Red Cross

The Red Cross trains individuals in using social media including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to communicate to victims during times of natural disaster. Volunteers help victims find information, direct them to where they can get help, and provide comfort.

2. The United Nations

The UN offers volunteer opportunities in all fields ranging from environment and health to region specific positions. These positions allows people to make a difference anywhere in the world from their computer. The time commitments range from 1-5 hours to 11-20 hours a week.

3. Code Corps

Code Corps links public and private organizations to work together during times of natural disaster. It originated in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and helped many in the New York area rebuild the city government through technology and digital tools. Currently this is only available to organizations in the NYC area, but other non-profits interested in linking their organization you can apply online.

4. All For Good

The All For Good database shows virtual volunteer opportunities in different areas. It offers a range of positions in non-profits and grassroots organizations.

5. Volunteer Match

Volunteer Match is another database that allows interested members to add more filters based on field of interest as well as location. The sophisticated level of filtering allows people to find the best match for their volunteering work.

And finally let’s not forget about The Borgen Project, which has volunteers who work virtually from all over the country. The Borgen Project’s goal is to have volunteers in all 435 congressional districts, and it is on its way to reaching that goal. If you are interested in becoming a virtual volunteer for The Borgen Project check out the “Act Now” page of the website.

– Catherine Ulrich

Source: Huffington Post
Source: American Red Cross