Tumblr is a place that’s proving to be a front-runner for go-to resources that bring social, racial and economic justice to light. Here are some of the most popular blogs on national and global issues:

1. World Bank Dataviz –

The World Bank Dataviz provides visual information about global poverty issues ranging from the best and worst places to be a working woman to literary rates varying among Indian states. These infographics and interactive charts and maps help users identify how different issues are treated around the world.

2. NPR Global Health –

NPR Global Health collects stories, images and multimedia that showcase the progress and developments in global health. Here, you can read about the experiences of a Peace Corps volunteer living in Northern Ghana or how a small village of Barkedu, Liberia is still struggling to survive after Ebola hit. This blog is curated by NPR’s Science Desk staff members.

3. Disrupting Poverty –

Disrupting Poverty is a blog run by a woman who has worn many hats over the years — Peace Corps volunteer in Africa, mother raising children overseas, aid worker and now CEO of an international child development organization called Child Fund International. Her experiences offer a unique insight into global issues.

4. The People’s Record –

The People’s Record is a curated documentation of social and racial justice, LGBTQ liberation, feminism, labor struggles and more. This blog highlights the stories that often go unreported by mainstream media, and it does so through memes, screenshots of Twitter feeds, Vines, and other multimedia to keep users interested and to start the discussion.

5. Oxfam GB –

Oxfam GB believes that poverty is an injustice that is possible to overcome by tackling its root causes and creating political solutions that empower all societies. This blog highlights some of the stories of people living in poverty and offers resources on how you can get involved.

Chelsee Yee

Sources: Disrupting Poverty, NPR Global Health, Oxfam GB, The People’s Record, World Bank Dataviz
Photo: Flickr