Ghana's Cultural Influence
Ghana is a country where art thrives. Art in Ghana transcends borders, encompassing Afrobeats music enjoyed worldwide and captivating paintings that have garnered international recognition. Art in Ghana has expanded the West African nation’s cultural influence and impacted the Ghanaian population in myriad ways. Artists in Ghana create with hope and optimism, believing their creative output can offer them new and exciting opportunities. The Ghanaian population also benefits from Ghana’s expanding cultural influence, with increased funding and opportunities stimulating growth in struggling regions.


Ghanaian music, particularly Afrobeats, has achieved success not only in Ghana but also globally. Sarkodie, a Ghanaian-born rapper, stands among the country’s most accomplished artists, with a fan base spanning the globe. 

Sarkodie has utilized his fame and influence for positivity through charitable work. In 2013, Sarkodie set up The Sarkodie Foundation, which aimed to help children living in poverty in Ghana. Additionally, he made charitable contributions in 2014 when he founded the Feed the Children campaign. Sarkodie’s success and charitable commitments show the impact art and culture can have on Ghana’s population.

Other accomplished Ghanaian musicians include R2bees (renowned across Africa and featured on Forbes’ top 13 African celebrities list in 2013) and KiDi, a young and promising Afrobeats singer who has also become a household name in Ghana. KiDi is signed to Lynx Entertainment, one of Africa’s leading record labels, and has won multiple awards in Ghana.

These successful artists expand Ghana’s cultural influence and inspire the next generation of music enthusiasts within the country. Many young people in Ghana have taken up music, often due to charitable efforts, offering them hope and opportunities to overcome their struggles.

Agape Volunteers is a prime example of a charity helping Ghanaian youth through music. Agape has several volunteer music teachers across Ghana, helping underprivileged children learn an instrument and achieve their full potential.

Charitable initiatives have also focused on addressing social issues like armed robbery and drug abuse by incorporating music. Solid Rock Association, through folk music, promotes “self-expression, teamwork and critical thinking,” providing opportunities for young people in Ghana aged 10-24 to directly impact their lives. The project has successfully trained 35 individuals in folk music and dance.

Art and Artists Helping Local Communities

Many successful artists and art organizations, with their unique styles and messages, have gotten their works into art galleries and the hands of art lovers from around the world. 

Alongside increased income and funding, Ghana’s reputation in the art world has inspired Ghanaian artists to contribute to their communities. Numerous inspiring projects have been established to foster development within local Ghanaian communities.

Attukwei Montana, a Ghanaian-born artist now based in Los Angeles, initiated the 360 Project. This community-based art project utilizes contemporary art as a means to drive community engagement. The 360 Project has made significant strides in uplifting local Ghanaian communities.

Dream Big Ghana is another organization utilizing arts and culture to help Ghanaian communities. Dream Big Ghana funds art programs at Denyigba Lorlor NGO, which offers the talented youth of Ghana mentorship through the realm of art. It has also set up “Meet Me There Weekender” – a musical festival in Dzita where local artists can showcase their talents in an event that brings the whole community together.

Charities also play a crucial role in preserving Ghana’s art and culture. The Nubuke Foundation, located in Accra, serves as a hub for preserving, documenting and promoting contemporary arts and culture. Through art exhibitions and galleries, the foundation ensures recognition and appreciation for the art produced by Ghanaians. The Nubuke Foundation plays a vital role in showcasing talented artists, thereby expanding Ghana’s cultural influence.

Art as a Catalyst for Change

From music to paintings and everything in between, Ghanaian art is making an impact both inside and outside the country’s borders. The expansion of Ghana’s cultural influence is largely due to its thriving art scene. And ongoing trends suggest that art has become a tool for positive change, funding local community projects, providing opportunities for Ghana’s youth and fostering unity through events like “Meet Me There Weekender.” Overall, Ghana’s art scene shows how arts and culture can be channeled into transformative endeavors. 

– Max Steventon
Photo: Flickr