Global Music Project
It is scientifically proven that music poses many benefits, including improving memory, reducing stress and anxiety and improving heart health. Peter Fosso, a singer, songwriter and founder of Global Music Project, hopes to extend these benefits to the poor.

What is the Global Music Project?

Global Music Project is a nonprofit organization founded in 2002 that works to provide musical instruments to adults and children in poverty all across the globe. The Musical Instrument Donation Program of the Global Music Project gives instruments that volunteers and participants donated to impoverished individuals in orphanages, schools and cities. Global Music Project also organizes music concerts and events to raise awareness and support for local artists in communities around the world. Additionally, the organization helps individuals learn about people and music from different cultures through its music discovery site.

How Does Music Help the Poor?

Studies have shown that learning a musical instrument can minimize stress levels, help develop concentration skills and improve confidence. For people living in poverty, music can pose other benefits as well. Music is an outlet to express creativity and unique cultures. It can also create a sustainable income for growing musicians. A sustainable income allows them to feed their families and make a living.

To help support these musicians, go on Global Music Project’s website. There are links to listen to music from growing artists all over the world.

How is This Organization Changing Lives?

Global Music Project donates instruments to a variety of people globally, including both adults and children. To date, the organization has reached many regions around the world: 53% of instruments donated to Brazil, 23% donated to the United States, 8% donated to countries in Africa and 16% donated to other countries. The organization also sponsors and funds events to help local musicians, small communities and charities around the world.

Stories of People Who the Program has Changed

The Global Music Program’s worldwide reach has changed lives in many different ways. One of the people who received help from the program is a young man from Ghana, Africa named Justice Asante. Justice loved to play the trombone, but he could not afford an instrument of his own. The program stepped up and donated one to him. He now takes part in a jazz band and plays music for his friends and family.

The program also assisted a community of musicians in Bahia, Brazil. A woman named Maestrina Elem Silva started a band called Children of Rocinha when she was just 8 years old. She made the instruments out of old cans, jars or whatever scrap material she could find. She later continued to develop the band in her 20s with the goal of helping children and teens escape the rough cycle of poverty, violence and drug activity. Global Music Project helped fund a film about Elem’s work called “Maestrina de Favela” and donated 30 drums to Elem’s band.

Global Music Project is one of the many organizations that exist to close the gap between the wealthy and those in poverty. The difference is it strives to do so by connecting people around the world through music. The organization has provided many with the means to achieve their dreams as aspiring musicians and hopes to continue doing so.

Shveta Shah
Photo: Flickr