Women Survivors
Human trafficking is a grave issue that affects millions of women worldwide. It involves the illegal trade of women for various purposes, including forced labor, sexual exploitation and slavery. This crime thrives on the vulnerability of women, often targeting those from marginalized backgrounds or communities. Trafficked women experience unimaginable abuse and violation of their basic human rights. In 2020, India’s government identified 5,156 trafficking victims. In 2022, the figures increased to 6,622, accounting for kidnapping and drugging.

The fight against trafficking requires a multi-faceted approach that includes raising awareness, strengthening laws and law enforcement, providing support to survivors and addressing the root causes of this crime.

Multiple organizations are working to save the victims from the harsh realities of trafficking and provide them with a safe and secure future. One such organization is the Chaiim Foundation, which focuses on helping survivors to reintegrate into society.

About The Chaiim Foundation

Chaiim is a non-governmental organization located in Mumbai, India that aims to improve the lives of women who have survived human trafficking. Founded in 2013, the organization has been supporting victims who have experienced exploitation due to gender, caste and religious differences. Chaiim provides education and training programs to help survivors join leadership roles within its organization.

Women who have been rescued from vulnerable situations such as prostitution and human trafficking receive the opportunity to improve their prospects through education, vocational training, housing, life skills and other means. Chaiim offers weekly life skills classes to monitor survivors’ progress in dealing with mental trauma, while vocational training courses in areas such as sewing and beauty care are tailored to individual interests and the needs of the local job market.

Living circumstances have deprived many girls of educational opportunities. The Chaiim Foundation steps in to change this, providing access to subjects like math, English and computer skills, paving the way for higher education in the future. Presently, the foundation’s life skills and education program benefits 132 women survivors.

The Chaiim Foundation’s Clothing Business

Humanitarian is a sustainable clothing business that the Chaiim Foundation established in July 2013. It aims to directly support women survivors by providing education, health care, vocational training and housing. The venture provides employment opportunities for women who have escaped human trafficking. Customers can submit their designs and inquiries to the team, who will then provide a production plan with cost and time estimates. Once the plan reaches finalization, the manufacturing team begins cutting and sewing the product before packaging it for shipping.

Other Initiatives to Help Women Survivors

The foundation hosts awareness programs, seminars and workshops to promote the work and efforts of volunteers and women survivors. It also facilitates victims’ reintegration into society, helping them start anew with fresh opportunities and goals. Additionally, it is working on a new venture called “Daag,” which aims to create reusable sanitary pads. This project seeks to promote job opportunities and improve the health of women living in rural areas.

Looking Ahead

In India, efforts to combat women’s trafficking focus on investigations. However, rural women continue to encounter difficulties in this area. Thankfully, organizations like the Chaiim Foundation exist to assist survivors by providing essential support in the form of education, health care, legal aid and housing. These resources help to create a brighter future for those affected by this heinous crime.

– Gurjot Kaur
Photo: Flickr