The Temenos Company has become one of the newest sponsors of the 2013 Microcredit Summit to fight poverty. Temenos is a banking software company that started in New York City in 1997. Temenos now services over 60 institutions across 8 offices, and acquires profits of $50 million each year in its North American services.

The 2013 Microcredit Summit is an effort to eradicate poverty. Other sponsors of the summit include Johnson & Johnson, the World Savings Banks Institute, and the central bank of the Philippines. This year, it will be hosted in the Philippines from October 9th until October 11th. The 2013 Microcredit Summit is the 16th summit organized by the Microcredit Summit Campaign. The idea is to organize advocates, educational institutions, microfinance experts, international institutions of finance, NGOs, and anyone else involved with microfinance in order to share knowledge and to work towards poverty eradication. The goal is to improve the lives of the poorest families in the world by providing them with microcredit and other financial services. The summit will include discussions on how to reach these goals.

Murray Gardiner, the Director of Microfinance at Temenos, said that the 2013 Microcredit Summit creates a platform to address poor families of the world. Two years ago, Temenos helped sponsor the 2011 Microcredit Summit, showing their lasting commitment to the ideals of the Microcredit Summit Campaign. The summit will hopefully help eradicate poverty by improving access to microfinance around the world.

– Corina Balsamo

Sources: Temenos, Micro Credit Summit
Photo: Tumblr