Swadhaar MFI Microfinance India Development
Swadhaar is an organization that provides economic support to urban poor communities. Swadhaar works primarily in India where urban poverty is a major problem. India has an 8.5% unemployment rate and almost 30% of its population lives under the poverty line.

Swadhaar gives financial assistance to people living under the international poverty line of $2 a day. The organization also has a heavy emphasis on women living below the poverty line. Beyond crediting loans to impoverished people, it aims to create economic self-reliance for people they are assisting. The organization provides financial education and opportunities for its clients so that they may eventually be self-reliant.

This is extremely important in India where many people do not feel that the government is adequately providing for them. Most of the people that Swadhaar gives assistance to are people that do not qualify for government assistance. The organization provides loans to its clients that have declining interest rates. The company does still make a profit from the interest rates, but they are not so extreme that they bury clients in debt.

The major issue that many people living in poor communities have is lack of documentation. Swadhaar offers assistance to those who do not have access to government benefits due to lack of documentation. It may not be a non-profit human rights organization, but nevertheless it provides the tools for success to people in India, which can be just as important.

– Zachary Patterson

Sources: Swadhaar, CIA
Photo: Swadhaar