Nonprofit Organizations Support and Educate RefugeesThe International Rescue Committee and Sesame Workshop both provide support and education to refugees throughout Jordan, Lebanon, northern Iraq and Syria. Through care and education, these two nonprofit organizations plan to aid children who are dealing with any potential or existing trauma and neglect.

Refugee crises happening today often leave a lasting impact on the children involved. Children of refugees experience a great deal of trauma and sometimes torture. These children are exposed to war and violence, separation from their caregivers and malnutrition. Many of these factors lead to lasting negative effects on the children such as anxiety, insomnia, introversion, depression, behavioral issues, anorexia and many more.

The International Rescue Committee is a nonprofit organization which aims to help those who have been affected by war, conflict and natural disasters. The organization works in countries in which people lack the support they need in order to overcome a crisis; they do this by helping restore health, safety, education and economics. The International Rescue Committee also welcomes those refugees moving into the U.S. and helps them to resettle and thrive in their new home. This committee has responded to the world’s humanitarian crises for 83 years.

Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit organization that is behind Sesame Street, the popular children’s television show. This organization works to help children who have lost parents and caregivers, help families who are unemployed and provide education to children throughout the world. For 40 years, Sesame Workshop has reached millions of children in over 150 countries.

Together, International Rescue Committee and Sesame Workshop give support and provide education to refugees who are in desperate need for help and guidance through the rough environment they are living in.

“Our Partnership with Sesame Street will help transform children’s lives by making sure that their social-emotional needs are met so they are able to receive and education, contribute to their community and succeed as adults,” said David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, on the committee’s webpage. With the efforts of these two organizations, hopefully there will be progress made in improving refugees’ lives, especially for children.

Chloe Turner

Photo: Flickr