*Prior to contacting any groups or clubs please review this list to see who we have already met with.


Generic Speech Outline:

  1. Introduction
  2. Supporting Point One
  3. Supporting Point Two
  4. Supporting Point Three
  5. Conclusion


  • Tell them what you’re going to say
  • Tell them
  • Tell them what you’ve said

Examples of Who to Present To

Groups that you’re a part of // Classes // School clubs // Athletic Teams // Nonprofits with similar missions // Community groups // Church groups // Exercise groups and/or gyms // Book clubs // Local concerts or performances // Walks and runs for a cause

Messaging Strategy

When the public is aware of certain facts, action for the world’s poor tends to occur. We need your help raising awareness on key information about global poverty that is outlined below. Your speech can focus on one of these points, or incorporate them all.

  • Tackle Myths & Pessimism: There is nothing complicated about improving living conditions for people suffering in abject poverty. Global poverty has been drastically reduced in recent years and there are many success stories of conditions being improved for families, villages and entire countries. The Borgen Project is challenging public and political pessimism in the U.S. and addressing the frequent justifications given as to why the U.S. isn’t doing more to address global poverty.
  • Promoters of Possibility: The Borgen Project promotes innovations in poverty reduction and builds awareness of successes occurring.
  • Address the “Hero Goggles”: The public drastically overestimates what is being done to address global poverty. On average, Americans estimate that 20% of the federal budget goes to foreign aid. In reality, less than 1% goes to assisting the world’s poor. For political pressure to rise, the public needs to be aware of current shortcomings.
  • Strategic Reasons for U.S. Involvement: The U.S. should prevent 25,000 children from dying each day because the U.S. can prevent 25,000 children from dying each day. But beyond the humanitarian perspective, the U.S. has a strategic interest in improving the plight of the world’s poor. The Borgen Project is building awareness about the Economic, National Security and Diplomatic reasons for strong U.S. leadership in addressing global poverty.


3 Clips of Borgen Project Leadership Speaking about the Cause